Hints & Tips

Top 10 Summer Maintenance Tips to Stay Safe and Save Money

1. Install an outdoor clothesline to dry your laundry in the summer sun, saving on electricity.
2. Clean your patio and paths and check your decking and fencing for sign of rot and make repairs. Timber left unprotected can deteriorate over time but an annual coat will extend the life.
3. Wash your windows to get the most from the sunlight but if it gets that hot, install blinds to keep the rooms cool.
4. Deadhead your perennials and annuals to keep them flowering. Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture in the heat.
5. Check your hoses and external taps for leaks. Install watering systems or train your garden to endure dry days by watering well a couple times a week, instead of watering lightly daily.
6. Keep summer dust and sand outside with two doormats at the front door and keep flies out by installing a fly-screens on windows and doors.
7. Reduce risk of fire around the house during dry spells and barbeque season by clearing up leaves and debris from gutters and near the house. Prune trees near electricity lines. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Clean vents and chimneys ensure they are free dust and wildlife.
8. For kids and pets, protection from the sun is a must, so ensure there is sufficient shade, add an awning or gazebo to keep the sunlight off.
9. Summer homes and mobiles locked up over the cooler months can lead to mould developing. It’s important to remove mould and properly ventilate the property before use.
10. Most home maintenance is best done in fine weather. So painting, repairs to gutters and roofs, paths and patios, windows and doors should be done while the weather is good.

Plan Now to Reduce Your Bills this Winter


Increasing bills are becoming more of a financial burden and more so during the winter. Here at CRM we can help you with installations that will help you to reduce your bills.


  1. Install a Stove & Chimney Cowl. An open fire loses 70% of heat generated whereas a wood-burning stove is inexpensive, efficient and can supply both heating and hot water from little fuel. It is also cleaner and healthier with much less smoke or soot in the room and no draughty chimney either. An anti-draught chimney cowl will make your house warmer and keep rain & birds out of your chimney.

  2. Service or replace your boiler. Get your heating system checked, balance & bleed radiators. New boilers are up to 30% cheaper to run.

  3. Install thermostatic valves in your radiators to control the heat in each individual room leading to up to 20% savings. Rezoning your central heating to control your heat in separate areas will further reduce your oil bills. Turn down the thermostat at night - an extra fleece blanket and flannel sheets will keep you warm in bed.

  4. Install a lagging jacket to keep your hot water hot and not waste energy.

  5. Switch to LED bulbs which use only 20 per cent of the energy traditional bulbs so are cheaper to run and last up to eight times longer.

  6. Insulate windows and doors. Install heavy curtains & draught excluders to considerably reduce your heating bills.

  7. Harvest Rainwater – let us install a water butt for you to capture the water for use washing your car or hosing down the paths. We can do your power-hosing too to keep your paths clean and avoid slip risk.

  8. Get ready for extreme weather – flood risk - let us supply and deliver sandbags to your home in case of high water levels. Frost & ice slip risk – we can provide sand or salt for you to use on your pathways or we can spread it for you.



Winter Proof Your Home - 5 Essential Tips


 Now is the time to prepare for the worst of the weather by doing 5 simple things to reduce your bills and get ready for Christmas.


 1 – Keep The Heat In Heat rises so inspect your attic insulation to ensure that it is properly fitted. Upgrade to a more efficient insulation and insulate your rafters. Identify draughts using a candle to see leaks in your windows & doors. Repair shrinkage cracks in window seals by caulking. Install door sweeps to stop heat loss under doors.

  2- Give Your Fireplace or Stove A Once Over Keep your solid fuel fire safe by getting your chimney swept. Inspect the damper and the chimney from the roof down. Install an anti-draught cowl to make your home even cosier.

 3 – Fire Plan & Alarms – Have a Fire Escape Plan in place with all family members and teach the children know how to follow it. Carbon monoxide can be a 'silent killer' when fumes from gas, oil or solid fuel build up in a room. Install and check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors to ensure that smoke or carbon monoxide doesn’t impact you or your family.

 4- Clean & Protect Your Gutters It is essential to clean your gutters at least once a year to ensure that the water flows away from your walls and does not lodge to cause damp and cold. Heavy rain can cause roof guttering to overflow which in turn can damage the roof.  Protect your gutters by installing a 'twister' - a gutter brush that filters out leaves and twigs.

5 – Flood Preparation To avoid flood damage, have basic supplies to hand like a bucket, sandbags, a shovel, hammer, nails & timber boards to block doors or windows. Check for gaps in your brickwork or cracks in masonry.